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Andanza Air plus

Post-operative support bandage - extra breathable
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After abdominal surgery, connective tissue disease in abdominal area, pendulous abdomen, inflammation of the peritoneum. To prevent incisional hernia, to take pressure form the wounds and to early mobilization of the patient after surgery. Unique abdominal bandage with High Tech Spacer Fabric in combination with easy-to-apply, divided Velcro strip for easy application.

Counter indication

Peripheral arterial occlusive disease (PAVC), lymphatic drainage disorders also unclear soft tissue swellings, sensory and circulatory disorders of the supplied body region, skin diseases in the supplied body section.


  • Air-cushioned area extra breathable thanks to high-tech spacer fabric

  • Hygienic – no moisture accumulates in the cushioned area

  • Simplified construction thanks to the split Velcro strip – for easy application even at high tension

  • quick and easy to apply and to correct

  • Adapts optimally to the contours of the body, yet still feels light and comfortable

  • Hypoallergenic and skin-friendly thanks to the high proportion of natural fibres like cotton

  • Minimal storage required thanks to a smaller number of bandage sizes which cover a greater range of patient sizes

Order samples
Premium product with perfect cushioning. Up to 1,80 cm belly circumference should be good for any patient.
Nurse Martin

Product catalogue

Product Description Art. no. Packaging unit
  Andanza® Air plus Size 1 XS-S – approx. 60-75 cm POS2010 18 pieces
  Andanza® Air plus Size 2 S-M – approx. 75-90 cm POS2020 25 pieces
  Andanza® Air plus Size 3 M-L – approx. 90-105 cm POS2030 23 pieces
  Andanza® Air plus Size 4 L-XXL – approx. 105-125 cm POS2040 21 pieces
  Andanza® Air plus Size 5 XXL-4XL – approx. 125-150 cm POS2050 19 pieces
  Andanza® Air plus Size 6 4XL-6XL – approx. 150-180 cm POS2060 17 pieces

Application guidelines

First position the bandage according to your needs. Then close the Velcro. Never close the Velcro and try to move the bandage after this. This can damage the product. Through the closing of the Velcro you can control how much pressure you want to exert. The Velcro should be placed at least partly on the fleece. It will also work on the bandage material, but durability of the product will decrease.