Products for Surgery and Cardiovascular Surgery

Products for aftercare after surgery and of punctured arteries. Subcutaneos bleedings are clearly reduced. Secure the success of your procedure!

Advantages with Andanza Quick-Compression-Systems

  • Fast to apply
    Can be applied within seconds
  • Opens fast for checks
    Re-opens and re-seals in seconds
  • MRSA protection
    A special internal layer that is semipermeable can protect the puncture site against bacterial infection
  • Low complication rate
    Tension bulla and bleedings are reduced and there is less constricting thanks to the fast and glue-free fixation

  • Perfect fit, soft and very stable
    Due to a special elastic layer and a unique, 5-layer material
  • Latex-free, breathable and hypoallergenic

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Cardiological and surgical pressure bandages.


Abdominal- and thorax bandages, Hip Spica bandages.