The innovative alternative to compression bandages or plasters

Use the Premofix® Compression System to apply pressure to punctured arteries and veins after invasive diagnostics and therapies such as PTCA, stent implantation, EPS treatment and angioplasty, etc.

Did you know? All Premofix uno, Brachialis and PM dressings are made of particularly stable 5-layer material – for extra safety.

  • Quick to apply
  • Easy access to the puncture site
  • Low complication rate
  • MRSA protection
  • Perfect fit with high stability

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Premofix uno and plus in comparison

Here you will find our standard products in a clear side-by-side comparison.

Compression devices

Our compression devices Helene, Zeppelin and Ufo. For precise puncture site compression.

The right pressure - for you and your patients.

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