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Premofix uno and plus

Ask us for more products from the Premofix range. We assist you in choosing the right product, just contact us.

Premofix uno EPS

The complete femoral assortment for your choice. Puncture left, right or both sides.

Compression devices

Our compression devices Helene, Zeppelin and Ufo. For precise puncture site compression.

Premofix radialis

The fast pressure bandage for radial puncture site care: Premofix radialis and TR closure Band.

Radialis distal (Snuffbox)

Also suitable for Distal Radial Artery (RA) access for transradial interventions, also known as distal / snuffbox application. Just contact us for more information!

Premofix Brachial/Popliteal

We offer simple and fast solutions for these rather rare procedures.

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We’ll gladly provide more information and product samples. Just contact us here.

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    Andanza is your specialist

    Andanza International was founded in 2005. We are specialised on quick and easy Puncture Site Compression products after hemostasis, e.g. our Premofix line of products.

    Contact our staff if you have any question about us or our products.

    We introduced Premofix compressions in 2014. They offer by far the best value for money.

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